Tik Tok For Business

So if you run a small E-Commerce business, how can you create social proof to compete with the industry giants who have crept into your business space? The easiest way is by building a user-based social proof. You can do this by ensuring that all your customers give you a review on Google, Facebook and other third-party platforms whenever they purchase something from your platform. 

TikTok for Gen Zs and millennials

TikTok appeals to the younger generation, and a lot of the successful content on there is lighthearted and playful. In order for a brand to effectively attract the younger generation on a platform like that would be to engage with as many people as possible. This is applicable to any social media platform, funny and relative engagement will do a lot for brand recognition and reach  with the younger generation.

For instance, the official twitter account for Wendy’s (fast food franchise) is infamous for its replies to tweets. They constantly engage with consumers, and also people who criticise their food by making fun of them. This does extremely well for their brand and image. By engaging with people on social media platforms in a lighthearted manner they’re able to lessen the subconscious feeling of dichotomy between corporations and consumers, which can be extremely welcoming.

Trends are important!

Hopping on the ‘trend’ bandwagon helps brands stay relatable. It is important that brands also indulge in ongoing trends to show consumers that they are still relevant and able to accommodate current pop culture into their branding to engage younger audiences. For example, the Adult Swim trend on TikTok has creators finding creative and artistic ways to mimic the Adult Swim bumpers they saw as children. In response to this, Adult Swim’s official account released a video encouraging this. The video performed very well, as a lot of creators and consumers on the app felt seen by the very brand they were commemorating through the trend.

This goes to show that having official accounts and being active on social platforms is almost essential not only to appeal to the younger generations, but it’s also a way of showing support to your consumers, that you recognise their support.

Dance trends are extremely popular. It has been a creative outlet for dancers and fitness enthusiasts. It would be in up and coming artists’ best interests to use TikTok to their advantage.

Small businesses have also greatly benefited from TikTok. Making fun and creative relevant content by following trends has resulted in increased brand awareness and developed a relationship with prospective customers.

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