Why You Should Be Using Hashtags For Your Brand?

Why do you have to use hashtags on social media? Do you know how to use hashtags or better yet, how NOT to use them? According to expert digital strategists, if you want to improve post engagement and boost brand visibility on social media, you need to know how to use hashtags as part of your social media strategy!

Get Noticed With Hashtags!

Think of social media as a BIG party in which really important people are invited. You don’t only want to get noticed in the party, you want to be a part of important conversations that people are having.

Making your posts visible in that conversation is the goal here. You want people to notice your posts and eventually engage with them. Using related hashtags makes that possible! Creating a branded hashtag and using existing hashtags are a great way to enhance your brand’s social media engagement through likes, comments, shares and of course, new followers!

Create Your Own Branded Hashtag!

Creating and using a branded hashtag creates an opportunity to build your brand. You can center your brand campaigns around that hashtag and drive users to engage on social media using that hashtag.

One example of a branded hashtag is #becauseyou’reworthit by L’oreal. Another example is #oneroomchallenge used by lifestyle influencers. A single hashtag brings like minded people together on social media to form a community and start conversations on social media posts in the form of comments, likes and shares.

Trending Hashtags

One of the most common and effective strategies for hashtag marketing is to jump into trending hashtag conversations. Now you might be thinking that social media trends are short-lived and die as suddenly as they go viral. While that may be true, if timed correctly the impact it can have on your brand can be huge in terms of brand exposure and payoff!

One of the ways your brand can use trending hashtags is by supporting a social movement or promoting a social cause. This way you will be attracting an audience that supports the movement and a good fraction of those users are likely to convert to new followers for you increasing your brand engagement.

Using relevant and popular hashtags makes it way easier for your target audience to find you. For instance, someone who follows the #beauty hashtag will see your latest post on their feed and is likely to give it a double tap!

To find relevant hashtags for your brand, you’ll have to do some digging and that can take up a lot of precious time that you could be using for other business tasks. A great way to speed up the process is to reach out to experts to help you devise a marketing strategy built around your brand.

Reach out to us and we can help you create a hashtag marketing strategy (among other things) that will not only increase brand awareness but will help you get those leads and boost sales!

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